The Fine Woodworking reader: action-takers and influencers

  • Reliable - "I can count on this information because I know it's shop-tested." - In Fine Woodworking, it starts with the passion for the craft: beautiful photos that inspire readers to create their own furniture and all the expert advice they need to make it happen.
  • Comprehensive - "I have everything I need to tackle that project — and be proud of the results." Fine Woodworking's thorough, in-depth content gives readers the confidence to know that one source — and one source only — will provide everything they need to complete the project successfully.
  • Authoritative - "I know the very best experts — in each area of woodworking — are meticulously selected as contributors to Fine Woodworking." Fine Woodworking is dedicated to finding the most knowledgeable, experienced specialists in every facet of woodworking to share their experience.

Source: 2010 Harvey Reader Survey

Meet the Fine Woodworking reader — an extremely knowledgeable and hands-on woodworking enthusiast who seeks out the latest product information and industry trends, constantly strives to improve his skills and is eager to offer insightful advice to colleagues and friends and/or mentor fellow woodworkers.

Fine Woodworking reader profile: active enthusiasts, affluent, brand-loyal spenders

  • Smart, affluent men — with an average HHI of $121K and with 65% holding a college degree, Fine Woodworking readers have the means and mindset to spend on quality
  • The ultimate in reader involvement — readers spend 2.3 hours on average with each issue (300% more than readers of other woodworking titles)
  • Proud shop owners — 95% own their own shop, making them key prospects for a wide range of woodworking tools and materials
  • Passionate enthusiasts — they spend 11 hours per week in their workshop, completing an average of 9.6 projects a year
  • Willing to pay more for their favorite resource — our subscribers pay the highest annual subscription price in the category ($34.95)

Source: 2010 Harvey Readership Survey & publication media kits

Audience Purchasing Power

  • #1 purchasing power: $7,024 average/$1.4 billion year on tools & materials
  • 8.3 projects a year
  • Spend an average of 11 hours a week in their workshops

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