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Started by an avid woodworker in 1975, Fine Woodworking is committed to providing the most trusted, in-depth, unbiased advice on woodworking — anywhere — the hands-on guidance that shows readers "how-to" bring their vision to life, and the inspiration to build their confidence and skills. No wonder our brand-loyal audience enthusiastically agrees, Fine Woodworking is:

  • Comprehensive — Thorough, in-depth content gives readers the confidence to know that one source — and one source only — will provide everything they need to complete a project successfully.
  • Authoritative — Industry experts from every area of woodworking are meticulously selected to be our contributors.
  • Reliable — Count on a practical approach to attainable results with tools, visuals, and projects that are shop-tested and proven to work

No wonder our readers spend an average of 2.3 hours with every issue. Or, that 82% made purchases based on ads in Fine Woodworking!

#1 in Newsstand Sales

Reach a new audience of actively involved woodworkers who love to share what they learn, and are eager to improve their skills. Our newsstand-only Special Interest Publications offer a deeper level of information on such specific topics as furniture design, tools and shops, joinery, turning, hand tool skills, and more. Timely and highly targeted, they regularly outsell the competition.

  • Increase reach — A large percentage of those who buy our SIPs do not subscribe to Fine Woodworking.
  • Target sales — Single-themed issues are the perfect showcase for your specific products and/or brand messaging.
  • Build brand value and share of voice — A 4-5 month shelf life at such major national retail locations as Lowe’s and Home Depot.