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Fine Woodworking is the most trusted and highest quality woodworking resource where advertisers get it all: award-winning content, 2 million of the most engaged woodworkers, and a choice of platforms that can be customized just for you!

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Video engagement (3.1 million video views/year)

Average circulation (130k+)

Email subscribers (330k+)

Digital reach (1.5 million monthly page views)

Social reach (977k+)

Paid online memberships (36k+)


Source: Taunton Audience Profiling Study, 2022, Google Analytics.

Reach A World of Deeply Engaged Woodworkers

If you’re looking to target active enthusiasts, Fine Woodworking has you covered, with a continuous multi-channel conversation.

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have access to a workshop

spent yearly on related purchases

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male readers

household income

have access to a workshop

spent yearly on related purchases

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male readers

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Committed and Engaged Woodworkers


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Tap Into $3.6 Billion in Collective Purchasing Power

Our audience has over $3.6 billion to spend, and are willing to purchase products as a result of advertising they see in Fine Woodworking.


have requested information on a product or service they saw advertised in FWW

would consider purchasing a product as a result of seeing advertising in FWW

bought woodworking materials this year

Get in Front of Our Highly Engaged Audience

Our audience relies on us for best-in-class industry content and best practices to help them succeed — they are highly engaged and willing to pay a premium for our content — ensuring your products get noticed.


read 4 out of the last 4 issues

spend money on high quality materials

trust the information in Fine Woodworking


2024 Editorial Calendar

Jan/Feb 2024
FWW Issue 308

Ad Close: 10/20/23

Materials Due: 10/27/23

In Home: 12/6/23

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March/April 2024
FWW Issue 309

Ad Close: 12/28/23

Materials Due: 1/5/24

In Home: 2/14/24

On Newsstand: 2/27/24

Read more details

May/June 2024
FWW Issue 310

Ad Close: 2/16/24

Materials Due: 2/23/24

In Home: 4/3/24

On Newsstand: 4/13/24

Read more details

July/August 2024
FWW Issue 311

Ad Close: 4/26/24

Materials Due: 5/3/24

In Home: 6/12/24

Read more details

September/October 2024
FWW Issue 312

Ad Close: 6/21/24

Materials Due: 6/28/24

In Home: 8/7/24

Read more details

Annual Tool Buying Guide 2025
FWW Special Interest Publication

Ad Close: 7/5/24

Materials Due: 7/12/24

On Newsstand: 9/3/24

Read more details

November/December 2024
FWW Issue 313

Ad Close: 8/23/24

Materials Due: 8/30/24

In Home: 9/27/24

Read more details

Tools & Shops Winter
FWW Issue 314

Ad Close: 9/20/24

Materials Due: 9/27/24

In Home: 11/6/24

On Newsstand: 10/19/24

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Custom Event Opportunities

Fine Woodworking can create unique events for sponsors, putting you in touch with your customers.

From sponsorship of existing Fine Woodworking events or specially curated custom events for sponsors, Fine Woodworking offers a wealth of possibility in the events space.

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